Photography Mission and Price Guidelines

I am a frustrated real estate agent at heart and love nothing more than taking a spin through Zillow or to check out the latest properties and then try to imagine myself in them at the break of dawn, scanning the latest news on my iPad while drinking a fine cup of coffee, or listening to music at the end of the day as the sun sets through the windows of an enclosed porch.

These are the memories I seek to recreate through photography so that your clients can picture themselves in these homes.

My aim is to showcase your property so it evokes a sense of place, the comforts and convenience of each special home. To do this effectively, it's critical I have time to view each of the rooms ahead of time so I can set up the best shots possible. It's also important for the rooms to be as clutter-free as possible _ without stripping them so bare of personality that they appear sterile! It's a tough balance and I'll work with you on staging each room to their potential.

The sale of your home depends on high-quality images. I pay attention to detail and am the type of photographer who will make sure it gets done right.

Here's what I promise to deliver:

_ Crisp, sharp images that showcase the best attributes of each property _ inside and out.

_ Attention to detail, ensuring each room is free of distractions

_ Images that capture the vibe of each home

_ Valuing your expertise and opinions on how to best capture each home

_ At least 20-25 images of each home. This includes interiors as well as exteriors

_ Delivery of your package of images within 48 hours, often sooner, via Dropbox



_ Homes under 1,000 sf: $75.00

_ Homes under 2,500 sf: $125.00

_ Homes between 2,500 and 3,500 sf: $160.00

_ Homes larger than 3,500 sf: $250.00 and up

* Pricing is subject to negotiation and discussion. Each shoot is different and this is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

Lisa Marie Pane