L.M. Pane Photography LLC | About

L.M. Pane is a headshot and portrait photographer based in Eagle, Idaho, right next door to Boise, the fastest-growing metro area in the United States! 


A little bit about myself: I am a career journalist who got my start in New England _ from the small towns to big cities, always striving to tell the human stories that take place there with honesty, integrity and emotion. I was raised in Connecticut and lived throughout New England and the Northeast until moving to Georgia in 2008. Ten years later, looking for some stunning vistas and a different pace of life, I've decided to venture west to Idaho.

I have been blessed to have evolved into a sought-after portrait photographer. My primary goal remains unchanged, no matter the assignment: to be true to the people featured in my photography, to tell their stories visually. I look for flattering light, lines and poses. I seek to put clients at ease so their natural personalities shine through. 

Part of the thrill of portrait photography is getting to know new and different people. Listening is just as important _ if not more so _ than talking. Through that process, I learn more about who they are. What's important to them? What personality or physical traits do they want to showcase?

It's important to know if someone wants a photo session that plays up a sense of class and sophistication, if they're looking for something with a bit of edge. Something a bit goofy, perhaps.

Bottom line: I am a versatile photographer who loves the challenge of telling YOUR story. I'm especially fond of photographing musicians, actors and athletes. 

To inquire about my availability, feel free to send an email to: lisa@lmpanephotography.com