Building Trust One Headshot at a Time

So if you’re not in the midst of a job search, you’re probably wondering why YOU should get a headshot. Quite simply, it’s to build trust among your customers or clients.

In this digital age, the very first impression someone has of you is often from your headshot. Thinking of hiring an accountant, or a real estate agent, or some other professional? Before you even pick up the phone, you’re probably going to their web page or their LinkedIn account to get a better feel for them and their background and experience.

Is it a business that requires them to travel to your home or office? You’ll be more likely to hire them if you can see what they look like and get a better sense of who they are before you invite them over.

A study by BrightLocal, a British firm dedicated to online marketing of small businesses, shows that among the type of images a business might showcase on their website that builds the most trust are portraits of the people behind the company. While having product shots or images of the building’s exterior are nice, what really helps establish a relationship right off the bat with current and future clients is a headshot.

Their survey put it best: “If your small business is one which operates a more face-to-face type service, then displaying business owner / staff photos is going to be more important. Additionally, if you expect your customers to invite you or your staff into their home then this takes on more prominence. Display friendly looking people on your website to show that consumers can place their trust in you – not just as a business, but on a personal level also.”

This is where having a professional headshot photographer can help with your goal of instilling confidence among clients. I work closely with you to find ways to capture images that showcase you as a professional, someone who knows what they’re doing. But it’s equally important to capture you in a way that shows you are approachable and comforting to be around.

As we approach 2019, look at improving your web presence with an updated headshot. I’m here to help.

A First Impression in the Blink of an Eye

Did you know that studies show it takes as little as a tenth of a second to make a first impression? In today's world, that often means it's your headshot making that very first impression.

Are you looking for a new job? Are you hoping to score that big promotion? Heck, are you wanting to impress someone and hope to go on that first date? Will the people who view your profile simply pass by _ or even worse, cringe?

It was a series of experiments by Princeton University psychologists Janine Willis and Alexander Todorov that revealed that it’s in a blink of a eye that we form opinions of someone from their face.

If you do it right, your headshot will exude confidence and approachability. It will be captivating, inviting, engaging. It will compel people to stop and take notice.

When I work with clients, I am their mirror. I help guide them to provide the very best, alluring looks. Unlike some photographers, I don’t hold you to X-amount of time in a session. This is not an assembly line. In many cases, we gEt a great shot right off the bat. But that doesn’t mean i end the session and push you out the door. i strive for multiple looks, each of them as stunning as the next.

And we won’t end the headshot session until we’re both satisfied we have the very best images.

I am STOKED to be YOUR professional expression and personal branding coach in Boise Idaho and beyond.

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Let me help you.