There are some photographers who take pride in offering “express” headshot sessions and applaud getting clients in and out of the studio in record time. That’s not what I do and for a very simple reason: My headshot and portrait sessions are not designed to SIMPLY churn out images at a fast pace AS THOUGH WE’RE ON AN ASSEMBLY LINE.

I take pride in my work and want you to be thrilled with your headshots and even more stoked by the experience. If that takes 5 minutes, great. But if it takes an hour, that’s totally cool too. The goal is not to rush you but to get killer shots that you would be stoked to post on LinkedIn, your company website or a variety of social networking platforms.

Yes, there are many times when we’re able to nail your favorite look with the very first click of the shutter. But that’s not the goal. I want to see you enjoying the experience, showing your best side and leaving with not just one but many images you absolutely love.

Would you hire a dentist who advertised root canals in less than 15 minutes? Would you trust a tax accountant who advertised doing your taxes in 5 minutes or less? I sure wouldn’t. You hire professionals because they provide top-notch service and you can trust they will deliver what they promise with a minimum of hassle.

So what do you get when you book a session with me? A professional who has spent years studying how to create the best lighting, ways to position people in flattering ways and how to connect with people to produce the best expression possible. The end result is a gallery of images to benefit you and your career or life goals. And, we have fun in the process. Because if it ain’t fun, why do it?

What does your headshot or personal branding session say about you? Does it instill confidence in current and future clients? Does it show you as someone approachable and enjoyable to be around? Let’s make that happen with a session today!