Backdrops That Will Make Your Headshot or Portrait POP!

Looking for something a little brighter and more peppy as a backdrop for your headshot or personal branding session?

The studio now has a variety of colors that'll make your portrait pop!

Headshots against pure white, gray or black are classic, and tried and true. The bulk of my clients will want to have their headshot and business portrait against these simple, distinctive backdrops.

But especially if you want the background to match colors that fit with your overall branding, we have at our disposal a wide range of colors from only the best seamless backdrop manufacturer around: industry leader Savage Universal.

The studio now has light blue, dark blue, crimson red, flamingo pink and a deep yellow! Savage Universal has an array of other colors available too; just ask and we'll look to add to our collection!

And if you're seeking something really untraditional, perhaps vintage looking, we also have some beautiful hand-painted, canvas backdrops from Gravity Pro: a rustic and distressed green and brown; antique brown; and slate gray.

Feel free to reach out and we can brainstorm what colors make sense for you and your portrait session!
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