Photoshoots Don't Have to Be a Painful Experience!

The No. 1 thing I hear most often from clients ahead of a session is that they hate having their photo taken. I’m sure part of that is driven by some horrible experience they had during a school photo. Remember those awkward smiles or poses? The mottled backdrop that screams 1970s? The photographer who was moving you along like you were a widget on an assembly line?

You will have the exact opposite experience when you step into my studio and in front of my camera.

My goal is to show you that a photoshoot can be enjoyable, fun, filled with giggles _ all designed to ensure you are relaxed and putting forward your very best looks.

I’m the Boise photographer who coaches other photographers on ways to achieve great looks with a chill atmosphere and fun vibe. This is especially key for headshot sessions and personal branding photography.

Take a look at the accompanying gallery of images taken from sessions in the past several years.

As you can tell, my sessions are meant to be fun while also getting down to the business of producing a shabangin’ headshot or portrait.

Life is too short not to have a few laughs and act goofy. So many of my clients when they book say they hate having their photo taken. At the end of each session, they're not only relaxed but stoked by how their headshots and portraits turned out. I want everyone who steps in front of my camera to have enjoyed the experience AND benefited with a collection of killer shots.

The most effective headshot photographers know how to ensure you're relaxed and that you get images that help you land that next job, a promotion or even a date.

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