Office Headshots

We have a new feature on the site for companies looking to get headshots for the entire office or teams of employees. No longer is it a guessing game how much something like this could cost.

Here’s the bottom line: The more people you gather to get headshots, the lower the per-person rate! Not only does that make it more cost-efficient, but it also ensures that you’ll be able to show some consistency in your branding, offering images with the same color backdrop, crop and vibe on your website and other platforms.

So check it out:

One word of warning: If you don’t see the calculator pop up when you go to the link, just hit refresh. You’ll see a slider where you can put in the number of people needing headshots, whether you want to come into my studio or have a session at your offices and a few other variables. From there, you submit a request for a more formal and precise quote.

I love working with companies and helping give them and their teams killer headshots. Dare I say it, but these can be fun and I’ve done sessions where people start to congregate to watch it all in action — it’s full of smiles, laughter, gentle ribbing and camaraderie!

As 2020 approaches, what are your plans to help promote your company, your staff and your brand?

Boise Office Headshots 306.jpg