Keeping It Simple

Your headshot should speak for itself and draw attention to you and not your clothing, jewelry or the background. The rule of thumb is: Keep it simple.

Your personality will shine through if the right photographer knows how to get you to show an expression that exudes confidence and approachability. You don’t need _ and don’t want _ a background that is either really colorful and busy or with heavy vignetting. Think about what happens when you see a headshot like that? You are instantly looking at everything else but the person’s face. And it’s all so distracting that all you want to do is move on and look at something else.

That’s why you’ll never see me shoot a headshot outside or using those mottled backgrounds that scream 1970s-era. Stop that nuttiness!

Outdoor shots are great for social media for your friends. But if you want a professional headshot for LinkedIn, your company website or some other public-facing platform meant to showcase you and your talents, remember the mantra: Keep it simple.

Ever see those outdoor headshots with light poles or signs sticking out of the back of the person’s head. It just doesn’t work. It’s not only distracting, it just doesn’t show you as a true professional.

Similarly, if a headshot photographer is using a busy, multicolored background, it just won’t work. It will undermine your efforts to capture you as a modern thinker, innovator at the top of your game. It’s cheesy and cheap looking, exuding a headshot from an old department store or yearbook.

In the studio, we usually use a pure white background or a dark gray. If your company’s brand has a specific color, we can work with that as well provided it’s not such a “loud” color that it’s distracting.

Boise’s business market is booming and so is the need for a killer headshot. If you’re looking to get a new job or score that big promotion, let me help you capture you in a way that draws in people, wants them to get to know you and hire you, and makes you stoked to post it on your social media accounts.

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