Office Headshots for Team Branding

Brand identity can mean many things but it often starts with offering a consistent look on your website. When clients _ or potential future clients _ go to view your company website, they want to get a sense of what their experience will be like. Showing them members of your team is a great way to personalize the experience and give them a sense of who you are. But if those images are inconsistent and unprofessional _ outdoor shots, headshots inside an office with distracting details in the background, or poorly lit and edited images _ they may leave with the impression that you not only don’t care about your own reputation but won’t give two hoots about theirs.

Think about a headshot session at your offices. I travel to you, which saves the hassle of getting employees organized to get to my studio. It also helps build a team spirit when they’re done in your offices. Clients who have had headshots done by me will tell you it’s not only fun but productive. Companies for whom I’ve done on-location shoots will tell you that it creates a buzz in the office, that their employees not only enjoy watching me do “my thing,” but find it helps them bond with their co-workers over this shared experience.

Your team brand is important to your company’s success. That means a consistent look, flattering light, great expressions. I shoot tethered which means members of your team can review images right then and there and instantly make their selections.

As Boise grows, so too does the need for a consistent look on your company website and the social networking sites you use to attract and keep customers engaged.

All I need is a space large enough to accommodate my gear, a couple of bottles of water to stay refreshed throughout the day _ and your willingness to bond while you brand!