Personal Branding

It’s no secret that your social media presence can make or break your business. What do many of us do before we ever pick up the phone or email a company to inquire about their services? We do a Google search.

So what will your clients or prospective customers see when they search for you and your business? Will it be a blank page with just an address? How will you draw them in? How will you build that instant connection? How will you demonstrate why they should do business with you and show that you’re not only trustworthy but the best in the Treasure Valley at what you do?

Yes, it’s through photography. Specifically, it’s from a personal branding session.

How does it work? The very first thing we will want to do is have a conversation. It’s during that initial meeting when we’ll brainstorm the type of vibe you’re trying to convey and we’ll come up with a list of images we’ll want to create.

Each personal branding photography session will create not just a variety of headshots, which are ideal for LinkedIn and other social media sites, but the real creme-de-la-creme of any session: portraits.

What’s the difference?

The portraits will show more of you and also put you in an environment that is inviting and welcoming and professional. It can be as simple as showing you behind a desk working at a computer, or something more casual like sitting on a cloth bench. We have a variety of “props” at our disposal — from desk lamps to clipboards and Post-It notes. We can get as creative as you desire, or we can keep it simple. Multiple outfits can provide different vibes.

Do you want group portraits of you and your team? We can do that too. The goal is to be a bit unconventional but always professional.

I’ve worked with clients who are real estate agents, counselors and even a YouTube host.

Let’s chat today and brainstorm about how to build up you and your brand. Boise is booming and with it our social connections are less assured. I want to make sure you and your company are in a solid position to keep growing and thriving!