Now Booking Free Consultations!

We're now offering free, 15-minute consultations! These are invaluable if you're just not sure what kind of session you need or if you have a specific vision you want to convey. Each photoshoot is different. Each client has different needs. The very best photoshoots are planned in advance.

I love brainstorming with clients, feeding off their own ideas and throwing out a few of my own. It gets both of our creative juices flowing and means for an even more successful photoshoot!

We can discuss everything from overall vision to the nitty gritty: style and color of backdrop, the type of props we might be able to deploy, wardrobe choices. You name it, it's all fair game. We can even go a step further and chat about how you might use the photography to improve and leverage your social media presence to benefit you, your business and your clients.

What are you waiting for? Let's chat!