Getting your headshot or portrait done doesn’t have to be stressful! You will find my sessions are a bit chill, a lot of levity and all about the business of making you look and feel great. Just look at what some of my past clients have to say:

Kim_Stone045 1f.jpg

Lisa is fantastic! She is flexible, knows her stuff and is super great to work with! This is coming from someone who is not the biggest fan of getting in front of the camera. You'll be in good hands and she will bring out the best in you! Thanks, Lisa!

_ Kim Peterson Stone, CEO, Linkability, Inc. | LinkedIn Visibility Expert | Marketing Strategist & Consultant | Keynote Speaker | Global Communication Shift Authority

“Let me put it this way: I flew from Boston to Boise because I specifically wanted to work with Lisa. It was worth every mile. She not only was flexible in scheduling, but patient with her shot-making, creative in her ideas, and thorough in her editing. I can see why renowned portrait artist Peter Hurley has made her an Associate after she underwent his rigorous training program and submitted her work to his peer-review system.”

_ Glen Johnson, former journalist, former State Department diplomat, author of “Window Seat on the World”

“Lisa is an amazing photographer, she's creative, fun, and so passionate about what she does. Everything went so smoothly and the turnaround time is so quick. I would highly recommend Lisa's services! Thank you for the wonderful, fun experience. Lisa you’re the best!”

_ Sky Stephens, actress and model


“I HIGHLY recommend Lisa. Not only is she a skilled photographer/editor, but she is also one of those people who make you feel comfortable and confident from the moment you meet her. Her studio was professional and it was an absolute pleasure to work with her. I was also pleasantly surprised at how fast the turnaround time was. I will definitely go to her again. 10/10”

_ Chip Walters, actor

Kate_Metroka029_retouchup-2 FLTC.jpg

“I took headshots w Lisa, and she was fantastic. Her shots and studio were very professional, but she was also warm and kind and I was instantly at ease with her in front of a camera. I would definitely recommend booking with was one of the easiest, QUICKEST headshot sessions I’ve ever had, and the results were fantastic (my agent loved my photos). I will continue to work with her in the future!”

_ Kate Metroka, actress

“This was a very awesome experience and the photos came out phenomenal thank you again Lisa!”

_ Prince Oliver, airline employee


“Lisa was fun and engaging! she was professional, and fast as well. I recommend using her!”

_Julie Compton, executive leadership coach


“Working with Lisa was a blast. She makes taking headshots so effortless. She keeps the mood funny and light.”

_ Kenneth Trujillo, actor

“Lisa was amazing! Not only was she professional and kind, she was FUN. She made me comfortable from the moment I spoke on the phone to make an appointment and that continued through the session ... I couldn't say enough positive things about my headshot experience, but if it helps .... she will have my business for my branding ...”

_ Stacey Dude, real estate agent


“I have worked with Lisa countless times and never cease to be blown away by her work. She has a unique vision and endless passion for what she does. Lisa has done shoots with me for a range of things from promotional photos for my music to the last night I spent with my beloved dog before he passed away. I consider myself lucky to have had the chance to work with her so many times, she is an incredible photographer and human being.”

_ Codey Bearden, musician

“Amazing, attentive and super artistic! Lisa was such a joy to work with. She listened to our ideas and turned them into masterpieces. I highly recommend Lisa for your wedding/engagement/anything!”

_ Casey LeCates, bride