Firstly, wear something comfortable! If you don't like it, it'll show in the pictures. 

Women: Bring crisply ironed solid color tops that fit you well and an optional jacket.  Jewelry should be minimal if at all. It can be distracting _ and over time, it will also date the images. Be mindful of clothes that have been on hangers too long as it can create a crease on the shoulder and arm areas. 

Men: Bring solid color pressed shirts that fit well around your neck. A variety of solid T-shirts plus buttoned shirts are also good to bring. A suitcoat or sport jacket is a nice way to create an optional look. Be mindful of clothes that have been on hangers too long as it can create a crease on the shoulder and arm areas. 


Women: You should look like you _  just a polished up version. Less is usually better; be especially mindful of not overdoing it with eye makeup. Bring your make-up and hair products in case we need to touch-up during the shoot. Alternatively, we can explore hiring a professional hair and makeup artist who can attend the session and do touchups throughout as needed.
Men: I do not recommend make-up services for men. However, you should make sure to be nicely groomed (beard, nose, eyebrows and ears). You can also arrive with a beard or some scruff, then shave mid-session to create alternative looks.

Both: Bring a hairbrush, comb or pick to keep your hair in check. If you have long hair, bring a scrunchy or rubberband to put it up for an alternative look.

Additional option: I’ve started working with a Boise-area professional hair and makeup artist. If you are seeking a truly exceptional experience, and want to feel not just pampered but at ease knowing that your hair and makeup will be done in a way to maximize your headshot session, check out her work at You will have the option to add on this service when you go to book an appointment, though we will likely need to book out a bit farther in advance than the standard 2-day minimum.


If you wear glasses, bring as many pairs as you have. The quality of glass will make a significant difference in limiting glare. We will also try looks without wearing glasses.

Any other questions? Just holler! Feel free to call 404.219.6437 or email: