Headshots for executives need to show that not only do you know your stuff but you can be counted on to make a difference with whomever you conduct business. You’re the go-to guy _ or gal. A team player. Innovative. Constantly striving to find solutions that fix problems that get in the way of success. Corporate headshots are perfect for LinkedIn, internal and external company websites, brochures for upcoming speaking engagements.

If you want a higher profile job or more clients, you need to stand out from the competition. A headshot that conveys approachability and confidence will show the world that you’re a success.

Whether you choose to smile or prefer a serious expression, your business headshot will exude quality and professionalism. Wherever you need to put a face to a name, you can use your professional headshot: your website, corporate directory, online listings, LinkedIn profile, business cards, executive bios, presentations, and more.

The Boise business market is booming. That means community leaders and decision-makers will no longer be able to rely just on word-of-mouth or connections to find the right people to hire or do business with. Their first impression of you will likely come from scoping out your social media profile. Your headshot should draw them in and want them to get to know you.



The theater scene is thriving in Boise. Whether you're an actor in live theater or have a goal of making it to Hollywood, you need an acting headshot to get noticed by agents, directors, producers and others in the industry. My headshots for actors are designed to showcase your abilities to take on just about any role.

No matter whether you’re an actor, model, acting student, or opera singer you’ve got a personal brand to manage. And it all starts with first impressions.

If you’re on stage, chances are there’s a Playbill or program with your face in it. You might even be on the cover. So, a theatrical headshot isn’t just about your comp card, it’s about what your audience takes home.



Whether you’re a small office of lawyers, doctors, real estate agents, or a large company with dozens or hundreds of employees, my on-location office headshot shoots ensure that you have headshots that are cohesive and consistent.

Corporate headshots are about branding and team cohesion. With a consistent quality & composition, you can be sure that corporate headshots will burnish your brand and help bind your team together.

I can take corporate headshots of your staff on-location or at my studio. If I go on location to your office, I can also take environmental portraits of employees for your branding and group photos to help with team bonding.