You need a headshot or portrait that helps you stand out from the crowd.

It’s time to relax. You’ve found the right photographer.

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Your headshot should grab someone’s attention and hold it.

Studies show it takes a mere tenth of a second to form a first impression from a headshot. You don’t get a second chance to make that first impression.

Make your headshot or portrait count.

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Your headshot should inspire people to get to know you, hire you, promote you, give you that big raise.

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Show prospective employers and clients you know your stuff and are the one to do business with.

Lisa Marie Pane is Boise Idaho’s best headshot and portrait photographer. She is YOUR expression and branding coach ensuring your business headshots and portraits exude the powerful combination of confidence and approachability.

Your headshot should help you land that new job, score that big promotion or, heck, even get that first date. But only a professional headshot photographer can produce those results time after time.

My goal is to capture genuine, captivating expressions. I want you to look like the true badass that you are. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. So let’s make sure your headshot packs a punch and gives you the attention you deserve.

Forget those goofy grins or deer-caught-in-the-headlights looks. Skip those 1970s era multicolored backgrounds that make us cringe just thinking about that dreaded yearbook photo experience.

Our sessions will provide you with a kickass headshot that will show you at your very best.

My corporate headshots are great for LinkedIn, company websites and all sorts of social networking platforms. Personal Branding sessions offer a variety of looks designed to capture you and your business for current and future customers. Heirloom Portraits will stand the test of time to be treasured for generations.



In this digital age, your profile photo is the key to inviting people to stick around and get to know you better. A great headshot captures the glint in your eyes and a relaxed, natural smile. It conveys your personality and hints at what makes you special. If you want to stand out from the crowd, your headshot is how to begin.

Only a specialist in headshot photography understands how to make this happen. It involves not just light that is flattering, but understanding how to be your “mirror” to draw out the most captivating, inviting and natural expressions.

The Boise and Treasure Valley market is changing fast. No longer is it just good enough to score that next big job or promotion through word of mouth. Our community is growing, which means our personal connections aren’t quite as assured. Prospective employers will be looking at your web presence to figure out more about you, your skills and your personality. Your headshot needs to capture the very best you and impress the heck out of your future boss, client or, yeah, even your next date.

You deserve that better job, that big promotion or that higher salary. You deserve a headshot from a top-notch photographer.

L.M. Pane Photography will help you make the very best impression.


The challenge in today’s market is to stand out from the competition. So how do you not only keep your existing customers but find new ones? Social media is key. Our Personal Branding sessions are designed to capture you and your talents, to offer customers a glimpse at what they can expect when they do business with you. Show people the very best you, the experience and the expertise. We’re here to help!


Have you ever walked around an art gallery or museum and seen the artwork from portrait masters? It offered that glimpse into a snapshot in time. It spoke to your heart, drew you in, captivated you. Bring that to life again with an heirloom portrait session that is designed to be treasured for generations, to hang in your home and remind you of an amazing experience capturing you in a way that you thought would never be possible.



If you want a higher profile job or more clients you’ll need to stand out from the competition. A headshot that conveys approachability and confidence will show the world that you’re a success.

Whether you choose to smile or prefer a serious expression, your business headshot will exude quality and professionalism. Wherever you need to put a face to a name, you can use your professional headshot: your website, corporate directory, online listings, LinkedIn profile, business cards, executive bios, presentations, and more.


The theater scene is thriving in Boise. Whether you’re involved in live theater or hope to make it to Hollywood, you need an acting headshot that captures the attention of casting agents, directors, producers and others in the industry.

If you’re on stage, chances are there’s a Playbill or program with your face in it. You might even be on the cover. So, a theatrical headshot isn’t just about your comp card, it’s about what your audience takes home.

I spent a decade in Atlanta, the Hollywood of the South, and worked with countless actors and actresses, and others in the field of film, to produce headshots that showed their versatility in bringing to life a variety of characters.


Whether your company has a few employees or hundreds, on-location company headshot sessions have multiple benefits. First and foremost, they ensure a consistent, cohesive look, which is invaluable for maintaining your company’s branding style. Secondarily, these can be team-building exercises. I’ve watched co-workers at countless companies bond and come together as they and their colleagues experience a headshot session.

With a consistent quality & composition, you can be sure that corporate headshots will burnish your brand and help bind your team together.

I can take corporate headshots of your staff on location or at my studio. If I go on location to your office, I can also take environmental portraits of employees for your branding and group photos to help with team bonding.


Every writer and author with a book, blog or website needs a headshot. These are ideal for book jackets, brochures ahead of speaking engagements, websites to promote your latest work, press release and a variety of promotional materials.


Whether you’re an attorney, accountant, in sales or the medical profession, clients want a sense of who you are, whether you’re trustworthy, whether you can help them tackle even the most difficult situations. The image you use on your website and through social media can instantly instill trust and let them know you’re on their side in whatever situation they’re facing.

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No matter what your career or trade, it’s critical to have an appealing portrait for your LinkedIn profile. These also are great, of course, for a variety of social media.

Join the #nomoreselfies movement and get the type of headshot that makes people want to get to know you, do business with you and see you as the true professional that you are. Too many people are using portraits taken outside. While that’s fine for your personal Facebook and Twitter accounts, exterior images do not cast a professional look and can be distracting. Same thing with selfies.